Why choose me?

When revamping this website I sat down with my Wacom tablet and pen (flash designer stuff) and went through numerous designs and thoughts of adding little humorous and creative icons (tiny drawings/doodles on the screen) everywhere in attempt to convince you that I know my stuff, am extremely creative plus witty yet smart and thus convince you that I am the very one who should be building your website – that I am the only one who understands your needs. I could also bombard you with little technical words & snippets like Flash, HTML, WordPress, responsive, tables, SEO, recoding etc. etc., but by now you will have probably moved on to the next Google listing to see who tell you how much it’ll cost to build a website.

Here’s a pretty image
with a nice effect!

To be honest, I am just a photographer, with a slightly creative eye, that likes to earn extra money by building websites the way you want them. There is no hard and fast rule that says what a website will cost. Most companies that offer fixed priced websites are normally just plopping your logo text & pictures into a template. Minimum fuss and maximum profit on their part.
I on the other hand prefer to give you as much as possible for your budget. No job is too small, and I will tell you whats possible for how much you want to spend. I work my nuts off (at home, so you can call anytime up til about midnight) to give you the best possible website for your money. That way, I’m happy, you’re happy, and hopefully you’ll tell your friends what a great service I provide!